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Carpet Cleaning Beith

ayrshire carpet cleaningRegular carpet cleaning will not only improve the appearance of your home or commercial property in Beith but it will also help to improve your family’s health.

Some of the benefits of carpet cleaning are mentioned below.

It removes trapped dirt

Typically a carpet will retain many strains of dirt deep into the fibres which include pet hair, insect allergens, particle pollution, daily dust and dirt. Toxic gases can form in the air that adhere to the particles and get trapped in the carpet, these gases are then released from the carpets through daily activity – leading to air pollution in your property.

The equipment and cleaning solutions that are used in a professional carpet cleaning service can reach pollutants that are deeply trapped down in your carpet fibres, leading to the process of killing bacteria from your carpets.

Clear out the dust mite infestations

There are loads of carpets that have dust mites and you may not even be aware that there is an infestation of them because of the size of the creatures. Dust mites are microscopic in size and can be inhaled easily when the area is disturbed, however, the industrial machines that are used with many professional carpet cleaning companies exposes the carpet to high temperatures which kill the dust mites altogether.

Extends the life of your carpet

Typically dirt and soils will accumulate on your carpet which hoovering the carpet cannot remove. Only the professional carpet cleaning process will provide a deep enough clean that will remove the dirt and soils, this will in turn keep your carpet fresh and will extend the life of your carpet.

Protects the quality of indoor appearance

If you haven’t had your carpet(s) cleaned professionally then pollutants that are trapped in your carpet such as soils, dirt, allergens and bacteria will accumulate and create an unhealthy atmosphere in your property.

You can protect the quality of indoor appearance by keeping your carpet(s) in pristine condition.

What we can offer

We offer a professional carpet cleaning service to both domestic and commercial customers in Beith and have done so since we were first established in 2000.

Our team of carpet cleaners have undertaken all training relating to carpet cleaning and we are also an approved member of TACCA – The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association.

With our experience as carpet cleaners, we are able to clean your carpets thoroughly and to a high standard; so you can expect to receive a service that is second to none.

We charge reasonable prices for our carpet cleaning service and would be more than happy to give you a free quote. We never have hidden charges with our quotes, meaning that the price that you are quoted is the price that you will be expected to pay.

Our book an appointment page allows you to see the dates and times that we have available to come and clean your carpet(s) in Beith, giving you greater flexibility when booking an appointment.

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