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Carpet Cleaning Troon

Ayrshire Carpet Cleaning Company are a family owned business that has been running since 2000. During this time we have cleaned carpets in numerous different places in Troon like hotels, restaurants and letting agents to name a few. Our company does both carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning for domestic and commercial customers throughout Troon.

Our company use high powered machines that always leave carpets looking amazing. These machines are able to remove tough stains, brighten colours and leave your carpet looking and smelling fresh.

There are many benefits to carpet cleaning, for example, cleaning your carpet removes trapped pollutants; if these are left they can release toxic gases from just walking over the carpet. Carpet cleaning also helps to remove dust mite infections; if this is not cleared properly dust-mites can cause many different infections. Another issue people may experience is mould, this tends to grow fast but carpet cleaning removes mould and prevents it from growing fast.

There are some more reasons why it is beneficial to have your carpet cleaned, these include;

  • prolonging the life of your carpet
  • carpets are easy to maintain if cleaned regularly
  • difficult stains can be removed
  • prevention of bacteria build up

We aim highly for customer satisfaction and thrive on ensuring that every customer is pleased with their freshly cleaned carpets. We have had a high rate of pleased customers in Troon and we aim to keep this up. Customer satisfaction is the most important part of our jobs and we would like to ensure you are happy.

If you need your carpet cleaned or would like more information on carpet cleaning call us on 0800 334 5595.